clayful hands




“Can I justify making pots? Once I was hoping to change the world, and now I am making dishes. Am I making any contribution at all? Or is it just self-indulgence? I would like to believe that the making of objects that flow from our hands and hearts … contributes to a more human world….”

                                            —Malcolm Davis

Phoebe Lawrence is a native New Mexican potter whose work often reflects the spirit and images of the Southwest. After living many years in Denver where she exhibited in a number of galleries and shows, she moved to Silver City in 2003 and has experienced a surge of creativity, back in her home state.

While she's working to get this website refreshed and populated with photos of her beautiful work, please check out the info pamphlet about phoebe which includes a brief bio and a sneak peek at some of her recent work. Check back soon for more!

For more information about her pottery and pricing, feel free to contact her at:
clayfulhands @ yahoo . com